Our offer

We specialize in production of fresh mushrooms intended for the Polish and European markets.
Swoją ofertę kierujemy zarówno odbiorcom detalicznym jak również hurtowym.
Our offer is addressed both to retail and wholesale customers.
Due to our many years of experience and top quality compost, we guarantee a very high production level premium quality mushrooms.
Our mushrooms meet all the standards approving them for sales in Europe,
confirmed by the GLOBALG.A.P certificate, as well as the satisfaction and trust of our customers, have been with us for many years. pieczarki certyfikat

Our customers are always offered fresh produce, either in standard packaging, or tailored to the client’s needs.
– box, loose, 2 kg
– box, loose, 3 kg
– tray box, 250g, 400g, 500g

We distinguish several sizes/diameters of our mushrooms. The basic categorization is:
2 – 4 cm
4 – 5 cm
5 – 6 cm
above 6 cm – “Riesen”

We take outmost care in our cultivations to ensure the highest quality of our product.
Our ambition is that our customers receive products of the highest possible quality.