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Masurian Fresh Mushrooms

hanks to a modern microclimate control system, we ensure a natural growth of our mushrooms. Our mushrooms are solely intended for the fresh market, both Polish and European. It is worth noting that we have obtained a very high level of premium quality mushroom production, i.e. 95%. That was possible due to our long-time experience, and top quality compost.

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We have been specialized in mushroom cultivation for nearly 40 years.
Since the beginning we aimed to provide our customers with premium products of excellent flavour and ideal appearance.
Our farm is located in the very heart of the picturesque Warmia and Masuria region,
which is one of the cleanest areas of not only Poland, but also all of Europe.
We take great care to ensure top quality, cleanliness and hygiene throughout the whole cultivation process.
The production process does not involve the use of any chemicals, and the mushrooms produced are subject to continuous quality control.

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They have been working in mushroom cultivation since 1975. Presently, the total area of cultivations is 6500 m2 in 18 halls 360 m2 each. The last six halls were erected in 2010.
Mushroom cultivation is realized on premium subsoil. Half of the compost needed for production is provided by their own composting factory, and the other half is obtained from the best composting factories in the country.

All cultivation halls are equipped with a modern microclimate control system, necessary for proper mushroom growth.

Our mushrooms meet all the standards approving them for sales in Europe,
confirmed by the GLOBALG.A.P certificate, as well as the satisfaction and trust of our customers, have been with us for many years.
Our mushrooms are always fresh, packaged and sorted according to customer needs.

AGROMYCEL – Mushroom producer

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The best mushrooms of the Masuria region


We make every effort to deliver fresh Masurian mushrooms of the highest quality, ideal appearance and flavour.


Our farm is located in one of the cleanest regions of Poland and Europe, in the very heart of the Warmia and Masuria region.


Our potential is heightened by many years of experience in our field and by the continuous development of production.


Modern and constantly developed cultivation halls provide an ideal climate for mushroom growth.

Full control over the entire process of cultivation and distribution means that we can guarantee the access to fresh, high quality mushrooms 52 weeks in a year!

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